Flavour and Fragrance Ingredient Consultants


We are members of IFEAT


Welcome to Ajowan Consulting

Ajowan Consulting consists of a network of flavour and fragrance ingredient consultants covering essential oils, aroma chemicals and natural cosmetic raw materials their sourcing, production, marketing and global sales.

For example whether you need advice for:

  • Understanding the market for a novel essential oil or a new aroma chemical
  • Reviewing your purchases to better optimise cost reduction
  • Locating a new source of an aromatic or cosmetic ingredient
  • Distillation plant (still) designed to produce a specific essential oil
  • Need a consultant flavorist or perfumer
  • Obtain Kosher certification
  • Or just want to talk about markets or the mountain of paperwork

We can assist through our growing network of consultants. We are members of IFEAT. We are retained by clients in both hemispheres for advice on Aroma Chemicals and Essential Oils.

About Ajowan